Your small business can change the world.

Here at Selling With Soul, we are on a passionate quest to help more small businesses survive and thrive by increasing revenue generation. Because successful small businesses have a powerful, ripple effect in our world. Individuals, families, and entire communities can be lifted socio-economically when a small business prospers. Entrepreneurship can change the trajectory of thousands and provide access to financial opportunities that transform lives for generations.

We’re helping to change the world one successful business at a time.

Who We Are

We are a Growth Strategy company with a heart.

Simply put, we help Established small businesses make more money by increasing their sales in ways they can be proud of.

Through strategy, coaching, sales training and project implementation, we act as a catalyst for small businesses with big goals.

We Get You

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level? To grow your sales and make a big impact? To build a brilliant business?

We get you.

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve got a proven offering, big ideas, and great intentions. You’re already successful, now you want to be amazing. And you’re feeling a bit frustrated and maybe a little lost because you know your business has much greater potential, but you aren’t sure how to grow your sales and revenue. What you need is a revenue plan and a process to get to to the next-level. We’ll help you with all of that and a whole lot more.

Our resources will help you to understand your current position, recognize your opportunities for increased success and implement the plan needed to build that brilliant business you’re dreaming of.

More revenue. More impact. Less stress.


Sales Strategy & Consulting

We’ll deliver a customized plan, process and needs assessment to help you both make more money and save money. We can even help you implement your plan.


Sales Coaching & Training

Giving entrepreneurs and sales professionals the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets needed to increase sales consistently and in ways they can feel good about.

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Sales Management & Leadership Development

Increase your revenue by allowing us to effectively manage your sales team’s results and training your sales leaders for success.


Looking for some guidance? Talk to us.

This Is How We Roll

Yes, Selling With Soul helps businesses create more revenue and up their sales game. But we see it as far more than that.

We believe that our job is to help guide people and businesses to their dreams. Not the “safe” dreams or the “reasonable” dreams but the the “BIG audacious” dreams that would change everything, improve countless lives and build communities. We believe in enabling the potential and strengths that already exist within your business, your staff and yourself through perspective, experience, structure and positivity.

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We have a healthy obsession with giving 120% to deliver what you need to increase your sales.

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Our crew operates on passion, persistence, trust, love and an unwavering view that everything is possible.

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We challenge whats possible every day. We think big. Love to learn. Laugh a lot and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Who’s in charge here?

My name is Meredith Messenger, The Sales Messenger CEO at Selling With Soul.

I Believe that everything in life starts with a sale.

Everyday you sell yourself, sell your idea, or otherwise sell your “stuff”. Selling is at the core of everything we do. If you’ve ever had to get a family of 5 to agree on a place to eat then you know what Im talking about.


EXPERIENCE, Exposure, Energy & Enthusiasm

I was born selling, always finding ways to make things happen. I was the kid who got excited to do the school fundraisers and win the prizes. I mapped out routes through the neighborhood that I could take, knocking on doors and selling my wrapping paper, cookies and Christmas gifts. I would sit with my neighbors and point out what I believed were excellent gifts for their relatives in my catalogue.

Yup. I was THAT kid.

As a teenager, I was the one that brought diverse groups together by focusing on common connections and finding win-wins for all involved. Somehow, I always managed to find people to go to that concert with me.

I started my adult life as a Special Education teacher working with emotionally disturbed children. This was the most important sales job of my life - to help these young people see that despite what life had dealt them - they were worthy and capable of success.

Then I found myself in a literal sales job. I developed grit and resiliency as a young, inexperienced women working in a male dominated industry and within a male dominated profession. I built my sales expertise as I moved my way up from writing winning sales proposals for my male colleagues and begging to attend sales meetings to running a $250 million dollar sales territory for a Fortune 500 company.

I’ve accomplished some big things and experienced some big failures. I’ve built myself up and I’ve fallen from grace more than once. I’ve had plenty of reasons to quit or excuses to use on why things couldn’t be done. But that has never stopped me.

12+ years of successful, direct, “carrying a sales bag” experience, coaching and leading teams and small businesses to greater levels of financial success informs everything that we do. Exposure to 100’s of successful small businesses, an extended network of world-class specialists, a podcast and continued development ensures that the most effective and relevant strategies, best practices and tactics make their way to our clients.

I’m in this to change the perception of sales in order to help small businesses succeed. I’m driven by a passion for and belief in the entrepreneurial system. I let that passion and energy show and its contagious. I work to make selling not just effective but fun, graceful and aligned with each business’s and individual’s authentic self. I love selling and it shows in everything that I do. I cant help it.

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The Numbers

  • 200+ individuals successfully coached

  • 100+ small businesses consulted with

  • 50+ revenue generation workshops delivered

  • 13+ years of successful B2B Sales and Sales Leadership

  • $27M biggest deal ever closed

  • 5000+ improvement ideas sold to my clients, 3 kids, and special education students

  • Unlimited hours of learning, relationship building and caring about building businesses that matter in the world.

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The Fun Stuff

  • I am a wife and mom to 3 littles 13, 11 and 23 months old. There’s also a dog. Yup. Its crazy around here.

  • The hardest sales job I have ever had is selling my toddler on putting on shoes and socks. He hates them.

  • I once got so nervous during a sales pitch that I pretended to be sick so I could leave. I rescheduled and won the deal the next week.

  • I love 90’s hip hop and singing in the car with my kids when they let me.

Not Another Sales “Guru”

One of our (many) mottos is always be learning or ABL. We aren’t “know it alls”, we are “know a lots” who surround ourselves with the best and seek out opportunities to learn more and be better. Here are a few examples.

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Sell Or Die Network member

The Sell Or Die Network is America’s foremost sales, business and personal development podcast network of exclusive, top-tier podcast talent run by Jeffery Gitomer, The King Of Sales and Jennifer Gluckow, Sales In A NY Minute.

More important than recognition of superior sales expertise, membership allows us access to some of the worlds top sales leaders and experts.

This ensures that we are able to bring fresh and proven ideas into our projects and programs and that we have a network of experts to consult with in specialized situations.

2019 Sales Experts Member

The Sales Experts Channel is made up of 50 of the top Sales Professionals in the industry who are nominated by their peers for admittance into the group based on the quality of their content and their contributions to the sales community.

Collectively the experts in this group produce and release hundreds of FREE sales trainings and resources every year with the goal of helping businesses and individuals increase their skills and their revenue.

You can join us in The Sales Experts Channel LinkedIn group and subscribe to the Channel on BrightTALK to access expert content live and on demand.

Official Media Bio:

After more than a decade of successful, direct “carrying a bag” sales and leadership experience, Meredith is on a mission to help individuals and small businesses recognize sales success, grow revenue and build businesses that change lives and entire communities.

As a growth strategist, Meredith helps thousands of people increase their revenue through her custom strategy development, training programs, workshops, and podcasts leveraging expertise built over 13 years of experience working with 100’s of businesses. Her modern sales philosophy revolves around putting the client first, providing value, understanding time-tested sales fundamentals, and applying them consistently for increased motivation and joy.  She is the host of the popular Selling With Soul Podcast and loves arming people with the strategies and skills they need to sell more and build thriving businesses. Meredith is a sought after speaker and her unique skillset has been featured on several popular podcasts including Sell Or Die, Selling From The Heart, The Why and the Buy and more.

She is the mother of three children ranging in age from 18 months-12 and her favorite thing to do is sing in the car with them! Often 90's hip-hop ....