Celebrate The Progress

2: #EntrepreneurUnfiltered

Big news this week - I was finally able to launch the podcast! I have poured my heart and soul (literally as the name implies) into the Selling With Soul podcast. And while its been a wild ride, I truly love it.

I think thats why I was so anxious to put it out into the world.

Because I am so attached to the message and the mission, I had a terrible fear that no one else would care or worse that they would say I was a hack.

I guess that's still possible. But I'm not afraid of it anymore.

I had to challenge my tendency for perfectionism and acceptance daily. Progress over perfection has become my mantra and its spilled over into other parts of my life and honestly - its awesome and freeing.

I am in this to do something special. To have an impact and to inspire. To do that I need to put myself out there in ways that I haven't before. Its not the same as corporate risk taking or being a fearless sales person. 

Its scary and vulnerable but its also breathtaking and exciting in ways that I couldn't have anticipated. 

Everything feels right and in this moment I know that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing.

And that is an amazing feeling.

What I learned this week

Moving forward is way better than standing still looking for perfect. 

I am legitimately crazy when I have a goal or a deadline. I go into hyper focus mode and do not care for being disturbed. Its not a pretty sight. Sorry family. 

I get the job done. 

But instead of stopping to celebrate and really enjoy it, I rush on to other important projects and must do items. Like I'm on a hamster wheel.

A comment from one of my mentors on Facebook made me pause and say, "What are you doing Meredith?"

She asked what I was doing to celebrate. 


Hmmm. Yes, I should take the time to do that. 

I'm always so fast to move onto the next thing to push on further and further. But celebrating felt good. I drank too much wine. But I don't see that as a problem :)

This realization lead me to try a new habit - writing one or two wins each day in a small planner that I bought. Then at the end of the week, I can look at that and see all that I was able to accomplish and celebrate my wins, no matter how big or how small. 

Its all the small steps that get us to the point where we can leap forward. 


The people who pull me out of my frantic, overachiever bubble. 

I literally could not keep going without my fantastic support system that helps me keep this little dream of being a business that changes people's worlds alive in the face of all of this insanity that is entrepreneurship.

Specifically, I need to thank the following people for their influence, inspiration and at times tough love - in getting this Selling With Soul project out and into the world:

  • My bestie, love and business partner - thank you for the help with the kids, making me keep going when Audition crashes and erased all of my edits and your tech support. Also, your love.
  • Kate Erikson and JLD from EOF - thanks for sharing the knowledge, creating the awesome community that took me in and treated me like an old friend, for always responding and for actually caring. 
  • Shelli Warren - you may not realize it, but your comments and encouragement mean everything to me. You keep me focused on my goal of getting into your mastermind :)
  • Jeff Brown - thank you for helping me start to find my voice. Your mentorship is the backbone of my show and all that it will become.


What were your wins for the week? Who helped you get there?

Tell me about it below. Ill write back - promise :)