The Fear Will Come

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I woke up on Tuesday morning to 15 new reviews of the podcast.

Fourteen, 5 star reviews. 

But it was the 15th that sent me into a self-doubting tailspin. That review was only 3 stars. 

As silly as it sounds, that one review had an unanticipated strong impact on me. 

It wasn't about the review or the person who wrote it. The review was simply a trigger that set off  an old and well hidden mindset issue for me, one that is rooted in fear.

Its the fear of not being liked. 

I have worked on this before.  I've gotten comfortable with the idea that I am not going to be everyones cup of tea and I've made a conscious decision that I won't try to morph myself into what I think any particular person wants me to be in an attempt to get them to like or accept me.

I did this years ago after some particularly negative experiences that made me realize trying to be something that I wasn't made me completely miserable which in turn pushed people even further from me. 

I did the work. 

Yet there was the fear again. 

It took me a few hours to work through this. I leaned on my understanding of fear, my confidence in my mission and skillset and my ability to sit with the doubt for a bit. A little (maybe a lot) of venting my concerns to my husband helped too. He reminded me that I had been through this before. I knew how to handle it. 

At this point, Im completely back on track and ready to keep building this movement.

I didn't like the fear, but I love the fact that I fought back and am still moving forward. 

What I Learned This Week

I would consider this more of a reminder than a learning. Mindset work is not a project that you complete, its an ongoing life-long progression.

I have dedicated my life to helping others work through these types of challenges. I have researched, tested and used these techniques to help others accomplish things that they never thought were possible for them. But that doesn't mean I am immune to them.

Fear will make an appearance. 

We are all human and because of that, none of us are immune to fear. Every one of us has this hiding in different forms inside of us. 

Its not about preventing the fear, its about developing the skillset and tools that you need to work through it. 

My deepest inner fears will reappear. And thats ok - its even beautiful. 

I will use what I've learned to handle them and grow from the experience. 

Wins This Week

I am approaching 175 downloads, from 9 different countries and 25 states, which is mind-blowing to me. I don't know how good or bad that is relative to others but in many ways it doesn't matter. 

Website traffic is up 200%. 

10 new email subscribers and I haven't promoted my services yet. Nor do I have a drip campaign - (I need to get on that) I am humbled by the fact that people want to hear from me. Its incredible to me.

A new collaboration that I think will be super powerful and enabling for the ladies that I work with.

I Am Grateful For

All of the listeners, subscribers and podcast interviewees who are taking a chance on this new and unknown business and helping me to build a movement that can change the world. More million dollar businesses for female entrepreneurs means more families, communities and societies positively changed for generations to come.


What were your wins for the week? Who helped you get there?

Tell me about it below. Ill write back - promise :)