3: The Power Of Questions To Grow Relationships And Revenue With Deb Calvert

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Show Notes

Questions are the most powerful tool that you have in your sales tool box. But do you know what types of questions to ask, how to ask and when?

Thankfully, we have a special guest today to help us get smart on all tings questions! Deb Calvert, sales expert and author is a special guest today. Author of the book, "DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected" Deb literally wrote the book on how to use questions to generate revenue. 

Deb and I get really detailed on the science of questions. We breakdown why questions are so powerful. We cover the best types of questions to have in our toolbox and why there actually are "bad questions".

We also touch on how the right mindset is critical for business success. How to comfortably ask for the business and what to be on the look out for. 

I even get a little coaching on why one technique that I have used for years should be thrown out. Don't miss it!

This is the third part in our series “Discovery Meetings That Deliver” a whole series dedicated to giving you everything that you need to lead sales and discovery meetings that deliver value and respect to your potential buyer and dramatically increase the likelihood of you gaining a new client.

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