6. How To Start A Movement With Dr. Michelle Mazur

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My guest today, Michelle Mazur, tells us that we all have a movement living inside of us and discovering it is the key to building our business and our sales. Do I have your attention?

Michelle is the founder of Communication Rebel where she helps business owners and speakers rebel against the status quo to make a difference. She helps them craft their 3 Word Rebellion, rebellious talking points, and a speech that incites action and generates revenue.

The speakers Michelle works with have gone on to book $10,000 speaking gigs, become international speakers (they even speak in front of world leaders!), and raise 3x the amount of money expected for the launch of a charity.

Her rebel yell has appeared in Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, PR Daily, and Business2Community.

 In this episode, Michelle breaks down exactly:

  • What the “3 Word Rebellion” is and the importance of really dialing in our unique messaging 

  • How we ALL have a passionate movement living inside of us

  • The framework for developing our own 3 Word Rebellion

  • How to develop messaging to create the opportunity to have conversations with your potential buyers 

  • The power of stories in our business and sales 

  • Embracing our leadership role as business owners

 Michelle delivers tremendous value in this episode…she breaks down how to use your unique voice to become a change agent, create movements and sell more in a respectful and joyful way. 

We also take a few minutes to keep it real and dive into the importance of letting our emotions and stories show, our own mindset challenges and how we work on overcoming these challenges every day. 

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