7. Social Selling Is All About Value With Sales Expert Barb Giamanco

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Welcome to the first episode in my new series on social selling. Social selling is such a hot topic these days, from the tools to the methods – it seems like everyone is focused on leveraging social media for revenue generation.

Social selling is a powerful tool that can help us cut back on those awkward and pushy sales conversations  - it can decrease stress and allow us to elevate ourselves above the noise that our buyers are constantly surrounded by.

In this series we are going to examine the basics of social selling, we are going to talk about how LinkedIn is a powerful tool for those of us with a business offering products and services to other businesses, the power of video in social selling and a whole lot more.

It is an honor to have, sales expert Barb Giamanco on the show today. Aside from being a successful female entrepreneur and accomplished sale expert helping more women find success in sales - she knows all about Social Selling – because well she wrote the book on it - literally! 

 We cover a lot of ground in this value packed episode including: 

  • What social selling really is and more importantly what its NOT

  • Why sales always comes back to building relationships 

  • Why the customer experience matters tremendously and how that starts with your first interaction with them even on social media

We even have a beautiful conversation around value – providing it, recognizing our own and having the confidence to negotiate for what we are worth. 

Listener shout out of the week!

J V Crum 

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Thank you JV Crum – I love and appreciate all reviews but I especially enjoy the ones that come from my brave males listeners and I applaud the support they show for female business owners. 

As of the recording of this episode in early September 2018 we are up to 35 5-star reviews in iTunes and have gotten downloads from 16 contries. The response has been amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for the positive words, the encouragement and the time that each of you has spent here with me. I know how valuable your time is and I make it my mission to provide you with value and expertise to help you grow your business. 

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