8. How To Strategically Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Sales [Social Selling Series]

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Hey there friend - welcome to the second episode in our social selling series. Last week in episode 7, we reviewed the basics of social selling – what it is, what it isn’t and how it all comes back to relationship building. If you’re interested in really understanding how to use digital platforms to grow your revenue, I highly suggest reviewing the episode right before this one with sales expert Barb Giamanco

This week’s episode continues the social selling conversation focusing on what I consider to be an indispensable, yet underutilized tool for anyone in operating in the business to business space. And if you’re not in the business to business space, you’ll still get a ton of value from this episode as well because there are a ton of best practices sprinkled throughout this interview that you will be able to apply to social selling efforts in your consumer business as well.

In this episode, we are going to dive in on how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. LinkedIn has grown into a premier digital platform for business development and it has the ability to transform your sales process - yet very few of us are fully using the power of the platform to grow our business.

I am so excited to welcome top LinkedIn expert Brynne Tillman to the show today.

She is an accomplished entrepreneur, the CEO of Social Sales Link, a successful sales professional, sales trainer and coach spanning 3 decades who has unlocked the power of LinkedIn for business development. She has also authored a comprehensive workbook and guide - LinkedIn For Business Development.

 In this interview, we are going to hit on all kinds of gems including: 

  •  How to start conversations on LinkedIn that result in more sales conversations

  • The 4 areas to focus on when using LinkedIn for business development

  • How to develop a strategic LinkedIn social selling plan based on your business goals

  • An 8-step program to maximize your LinkedIn efforts and drive new leads into your business 

I know this is going to be super inciteful and packed with actionable strategies that you can apply to grow your own business!


This week I had the amazing honor of joining Victoria Dew, from Dewpoint Communications and her Thriving Soloprenuer Group in Boston for an interactive session focused on how solopreneurs can effectively sell.

It is a great group and I had a fantastic time learning about each of their businesses and the revenue goals that they have. 

Thank you Victoria for having me! If any of you listening are in the Boston or LA areas and are looking for in-person connection, definitely check out Victoria’s groups and events – it’s so important to have a supportive and like-minded community behind you as an entrepreneur. And her communities are all of that. No matter where you live you can also join Victoria’s online Solopreneur Virtual Café community. You can find her group on Facebook.

So shout out to the Boston Solopreneur group – thank you for attending. And I am super excited to get to know a few of you even better in our upcoming strategy sessions. Gina from Grow Voice and Ned from Last Mile Insight, I am really looking forward to our conversations!


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