10. Start Using Social Proof To Skyrocket Sales

Hey there! This is the fourth and final episode in our first social selling series. This series has been one of my most popular set of episodes to date – the feedback has really been tremendous. We kicked this series off with a masterclass on the basics of social selling with sales author and expert Barb Giamanco on episode 7. That episode is an excellent primer on how you should approach social selling in order to recognize maximum sales results. Then in episode 8 we went deep in a super actionable and really informative masterclass on how to leverage LinkedIn with social selling expert Brynne Tillman. And in the 3rd episode of this series – episode 9 we discussed how to start using video in our social selling efforts with Cheryl Tan.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to those episodes yet and you’re interested in learning how to expertly generate more sales using social selling I really encourage you to go back and listen to those value packed episodes.

I am going to talk about the power of social proof in top of the funnel activities and in the late stages of the sales cycle. I am going to share with you:

The basics of what social proof is and the forms it can take

The 2 types of social proof and how they can drive sales

How to develop a process for gathering and using social proof effectively

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