14. 7 Essential Sales Principals To Embrace For Long-Term Success

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This episode is a round up post on some of the most important sales principals that I have learned in my 13+ years in sales and business, through the millions of dollars in sales that I have personally booked, through the deals that I lost, from my conversations and learnings from sales leaders and of course from you – my fellow entrepreneurs and sales professionals. 


There are more than a few, timeless sales principals that have been proven again and again. Today I am going to share with you, 7 of the most powerful sales principals or truths that I have learned in my 13 years in this profession – from my own trial and errors, from working with hundreds of other businesses and individuals pursuing their own big goals and from sales leaders and experts who have directly and indirectly thought me how to sell authentically and effectively for a long period of time. 

While nothing on this list is rocket science, completely new or groundbreaking – they are all powerful, proven and mostly underutilized philosophy’s that if applied correctly and consistently can set you WORLDS apart from all of the others out there trying to grow businesses and territories. 

Simple doesn’t always mean easy but if you can take master these one at a time – you’ll be among the select few that are both successful and respected as human beings.

And that’s what Selling With Soul is all about, how to generate revenue in an authentic way that you can feel good about – one that allows you to form genuine relationships based on win-win scenarios.


My own revenue generation strategy sessions. 

I’m a keep it real kind of gal and the truth is, generating revenue can be tough. We all struggle with sales and sales strategy from time to time in our businesses and in professional selling – and it can be really frustrating. 

Whether its determining the best way to scale, developing a distribution strategy or figuring out how to open the door to a new key account, a little perspective, experience and advice can seriously cut back on your frustration. 

A strategy session may be just the thing that can help you move forward quickly. It’s a video conference where you and I get together one on one to talk about your specific situation and we detail the actions that you can take to get you to where you want to be. It’s a mini-mentoring session designed to help you get some clarity quickly.

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