16: The 4 Steps to a Simple Sales Process with Jeff Bajorek

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It's time to talk about your sales process. Is it helping you or hurting you? Does it even exist? My guest today is Jeff Bajorek, co-host of the The Why and the Buy podcast and author of "The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting." He's here to share the method that helped him simplify his sales process down to four pieces that effectively generated more revenue for his business.

Speaking of more revenue...

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On today’s podcast…

1:20 - Celebrations, announcement and thank yous
5:22 - A good process will drive good results but good results rarely drive a good process
10:11 - Putting yourself in a position to be lucky
12:40 - The 4 Steps to a Simple Sales Process
15:33 - Sales processes don't have to be complicated
22:20 - Casting too wide of a prospect net
25:29 - If the tip of your spear is sharp...
29:23 - Taking sales process and turning it into action
33:48 - Step 2: Getting their attention
35:46 - Keeping Your Swagger: Do you believe you have value to buy?
40:00 - All Jeff's ex-girlfriends have one thing in common
43:19 - The important difference between inbound and outbound prospecting
48:23 - Stop holding on to good ideas
54:52 - How are we supposed to know if our process is broken?

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