17: The Power of Referral Selling with Joanne Black

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How much power lies in a simple introduction? 

My guest today, Joanne Black, founder of No More Cold Calling, is a pioneer in and an advocate of building your sales pipeline through the power of referrals. It starts with building real human connections and relationships and ends with you getting past gatekeepers and into C-Suites with ease. 

Joanne is the author of two books, Pick Up the Damn Phoneand No More Cold Calling. She believes that referral selling is the fastest way to grow your revenue and today she's sharing all of her secrets, strategies and insight into getting someone to vouch for you.

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On today’s podcast…

1:26 - 80% of companies Meredith works with are missing this one thing
4:52 - How powerful is an introduction?
8:00 - "We only put on LinkedIn what we want people to see."
12:00 The more technological we get, the more human factor we need
15:50 - Relationship building is not complicated
18:30 - You can't start with everybody...slow down
21:50 - The universal mistake in referral selling
25:20 - Soft statements get no results
30:52 - The one thing you have to have in place before you ask for the referral
35:30 - Staying in touch with your referral network
39:45 - What if referral networking hasn't worked for me in the past?

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