18: Best Of 2018 Masterclass: Discovery Meetings

I'm celebrating 2018 by looking back at a few of my favorite episodes from year one of the Selling with Soul podcast. If you've listened to every episode, first, thank you! Second, don't be afraid to listen again and see if there is something you may have missed the first time

This is a masterclass style episode - we will go DEEP into the framework for a great discovery call. I reveal my 4 keys to 10x-ing your discovery calls, we will uncover how structuring your meeting can lead you to actually have to sell less and we dive head first into questions.

When it first aired, this episode was the second part in our series “Discovery Meetings That Deliver” a whole series dedicated to giving you absolutely everything that you need to lead sales and discovery meetings that deliver value and respect to your potential buyer and dramatically increase your likelihood of you gaining a new client.

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On today’s podcast…

5:15 - At their core discovery meetings are about relationship building, not sales
11:03 - Why should I be using discovery calls?
14:30 - Discovery calls help eliminate buyer concerns
18:00 - The steps to having a successful discovery meeting
22:00 - The discovery call workbook download
26:00 - Using social media to prepare for discovery meetings
31:00 - Building a list of questions
37:27 - The final step: putting together an agenda
40:51 - Protip: Limit the small talk
46:00 - Transitioning to the discovery part of the discovery meeting
53:00 - There is no substitute for trying

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