19: Resetting Your Mindest with Natalie Eckdahl

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Do you talk to yourself? It's not a sign that you're crazy. Everyone does it everyday. But HOW we talk to ourselves could signal something is amiss with our mindset and self-belief. Mindset is one of, if not the, biggest factor in your sales and your success. 

My guest today Natalie Eckdahl, author of R.E.S.E.T Your Mindset: Silence Your Inner Mean Girl, founder of the BizChix Community for women entrepreneurs and host of the BizChix Podcast. She says that we all have an "inner mean girl" or "inner mean boy" that voices our doubt and floods our mindset with negativity. Natalie is here to help us strategically deny these voices the power they need and change our mindset to work for us. 

Natalie will also share with us some of the inner mean girl thoughts that plague our inner dialogue, fill us with self-doubt and suppress our revenue potential. Ask yourself as you listen if you've ever had some of these thoughts.

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On today’s podcast…

2:13 - the most critical factor in determining success in sales according to Meredith Messenger
8:02 - Silence your mean girl or mean boy
12:34 - The mindset and mindset challenged of the high performing woman
16:52 - Everyone is a mess
22:45 - The R.E.S.E.T framework to correct your mindset
26:00 - Common mindset challenges of the entrepreneur
27:38 - Meredith gets vulnerable about a relationship that hurt her mindset
30:15 - Natalie reads some "inner mean girl" thoughts from her community
35:06 - Meredith's experience with the BizChix community and BizChix Live
39:53 - Strategies for maintaining and protecting our positive mindset
43:59 - This is not woo-woo, this is scientifically backed

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