23: Adversity, Authenticity and Sales 2.0 With Mark Metry

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How many of us want a multi-million dollar business? How about when you were 15? It's easy to think about all of the advantages that having that kind of early success would afford. It is more difficult to anticipate and understand the challenges and adversity you would face. Would you be able to overcome it?

This is exactly what my guest today, Mark Metry, was faced with. His online business exploded into a 7-figure behemoth. But behind that success Mark was burdened by depression and the mental and physical effects it was unleashing on him. 

Today Mark runs a successful marketing company and hosts the highly successful podcast Humans 2.0. Mark focuses on mindset, mental health and how we can be better versions of ourselves. He does this through expert interviews with today's modern thought leaders like Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, and Naveen Jain among others.

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We're going to discuss how Mark was able to face down his problems and change his identity from Mark 1.0 to Mark 2.0. 

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On today’s podcast…

5:47 - Online success did not bring Mark personal success early in his life
10:40 - The appeal of stories, despite them all being the same
16:34 - Selling a particular "future dream"
20:21 - Utilizing social media to tell your story
25:10 - Nothing in your life can change unless you do this

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