25: Selling From The Heart With Larry Levine

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When you combine heart and soul, amazing things are bound to happen. My guest on this episode is Larry Levine, author of Selling From the Heart... How Your Authentic Self Sells You and host of the Selling From the Heart podcast. 

Larry believes, like I do, that sales can be a noble profession. It doesn't have to be cheap tactics and empty promises. You can win AND the client can win but only if you stay authentic.

This is a unique episode in that we discuss high level philosophies of sales like "servant-led selling" but also get down to ground level selling strategies that can help you align your goals with the prospect or client for sales that you can feel good about.

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On today’s podcast…

4:23 - The origins of Selling From the Heart came from the power of stories
10:14 - Getting dirty with your clients and prospects
13:00 - It takes work and it takes introspection
16:50 - The beauty of silence
20:52 - Owning your business acumen
25:34 - Aligning inside someone's business
30:32 - Servant led selling
34:34 - What's keeping you from building partnerships in business?
40:26 - Sales is not rocket science but it is hard work...IF you're doing it right

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