29: A Simple And Comfortable Way To Ask For Business With James Muir

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Prospecting, networking, relationship building, relationship management, closing...the sales process is full of areas we're all looking to master to keep our pipeline flowing. But why does closing seem like the most problematic area for so many of us?

Today we're welcoming to the podcast, James Muir bestselling author, sales expert, extraordinary keynote speaker. In his book "The Perfect Close" he provides an approach to advancing the sale to the finish line that isn't uncomfortable and leaves both parties in better places than they started. 

His approach to not only closing but the entire sales process is motivational, inspirational and everything that we're about here on Selling with Soul. 

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On today’s podcast…

4:48 - Is closing the most problematic part of sales?

8:18 - Does closing have to be an uncomfortable word?

11:58 - "The Perfect Close" is not a technique.

13:19 - The Golden Questions of Closing

15:43 - The little steps we make towards the close (the final step)

18:34 - What closing techniques should we get rid of immediately

22:17 - The most basic variation of The Perfect Close

26:38 - Remaining in control of the situation without being controlling

29:47 - Will or Skill: the mindsets that blocks us from closing

34:50 - After the sale value

38:09 - Intent is weighed more heavily than competency

41:56 - Being 100% with and for the client

47:00 - You don't know who your next boss will be or who you want to be your next customer

Links to our guest

James' Book The Perfect Close
Resources Page: http://puremuir.com/resources/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/puremuir
Twitter: @B2B_SalesTips
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.muir.902266

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