Sales Coaching and Training

You’ve got big goals but keep falling short. You’re working hard and not seeing the growth results that you’re looking for. You know that your product or service will make a big difference in the lives of your prospects, but you can’t seem to get their attention.

You know that less than 50% of sellers and small businesses hit their growth goals each year and that you need to ‘sell’ to survive and thrive, but you know you’re not ‘doing it right’ which makes you anxious before every call and frustrated when it’s over.

If the thought of “prospecting” makes you want to go run and hide under your bed or if talking about yourself or your product makes your voice quiver …..

We can help you.

NOT your traditional sales training…

Talking heads, scripts and sales tactics that feel gross? That’s not our jam.We bring strategies that are perfectly aligned with your business and personality. Our modern sales philosophy revolves around putting the client first, providing value, understanding time-tested sales fundamentals and applying them your way to grow your business - no sleazy selling.

The Sales Intensive™ and Six-Figure Soulful Selling™ programs will provide you with a solid sales process, sales skills that you’re comfortable with and confident in, and the toolset you need for sales success.

We’ll provide accountability and real-time coaching to ensure you build habits and mindsets that set you up for consistent, long-term results.

The results? More sales, more joy, less stress.

OUr three, six, or nine Month coaching & Training Programs (group or Individual) Can Change Everything


If you are an entrepreneur or sales professional that:

  • is searching for a step by step process for increased sales

  • wants a comfortable and authentic approach to selling

  • is looking for ongoing support and guidance

  • is motivated and willing to put in the effort needed to see the results you desire

The Selling With Soul Coaching and Training programs may be for you. Let’s chat about your goals and challenges and find the right support for you.

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Some of what we’ll cover in All sales coaching and training programs:


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Develop and maintain the right mindsets for sales and business success. What are the internal forces holding you back and what do you do about it? We work to develop confidence, resiliency and long-term happiness using proven psychology principals.

Metrics & Action Plans

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Get real with where you are now and clarify your goals. Determine what steps are necessary to get you there and form an action plan that you can be accountable to.

Market & Message

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Get to know your market on a deep level - who are they, where are they and what matters to them? Define your “why”, uncover your differentiation and create a compelling message that will resonate with your desired clients.


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Hone your sales skills in 5 core areas. Learn and practice a simple and repeatable sales process to guide you each step of the way. Discover simple and comfortable sales strategies that align with your personality and morals.


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Discover the tools that will help you sell more with grace and ease. Templates, baseline scripts, tech tools and daily sales routines will up your sales and business game.

The world needs more of what you’re selling.


It’s all possible and we’re going to show you how. Let’s get past the frustration, eliminate the fear and build the skills you need to unleash that awesomeness inside of you. And let’s have a little fun doing it.

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